At WIENR, we just love the dogs, baby. We’re all about bringing flavor and fun to the world of cryptocurrency. Forget the boring jargon and complicated concepts—our mission is to make crypto as enjoyable as slamming down a dog.

Why hotdogs? Because they’re a universal symbol of joy, togetherness, and good times. At WIENR, our passion for hotdogs is at the heart of everything we do. Just like a hotdog at a summer cookout, our token is all about bringing people together to share in the fun. Every WIENR token is a digital tribute to our favorite snack, reminding us that the best things in life are often the simplest. And funny. It’s just funny.

We believe that cryptocurrency should be more than just numbers and charts—it should be a celebration of community, fun, and of course, our love for the glizzy.

Grab our WIENR, join our sizzling community, and let’s relish in the future of trade. Whether you’re here for the memes, the community, or the innovation, you’re always welcome at WIENR—where the blockchain is hot and the tokens are delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transaction fee is 4.5%. 3% goes to rewards, 0,5% goes to LaunchBAGZ and 1% is burned.

You always have to account for the on-transfer fee. So if you want to transfer 100 $WIENR, you must hold at least 104.5 $WIENR.